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You can make your own Niftymitter, and this page will help you find out how. Below are all the source files and instructions you will need to build the latest stable version of Niftymitter, suitable for the end user.




download100 Download Niftymitter v0.24 in a handy .zip file

In short, Niftymitter v0.24 is constructed using PCB etching, soldering, laser cutting or simple cutout and stick-together techniques. This file includes all the information and instructions you need to build the latest version of Niftymitter.

The zip file contains the following:

Assembly Instructions [.pdf from instructables]

Assembling the Niftymitter 0.24 board

Assembling a Niftymitter 0.24

How to Operate Niftymitter 0.24

Complete Parts List [.xls]

Housing layouts v0.24 [.svg]

The layouts are designed to be laser cut and engraved, or cut and scored by hand. They are designed for ~1mm cardboard and can be assembled by folding and gluing with a quick drying adhesive such as UHU.

PCB Layout v0.24 [.png]

The PCB source is designed for etching onto copperplate, using iron on acetate (such as that described here) or using Michael Shorter’s laser engraving method described here [instructables].

Circuit assembly diagram for etched PCB [.png]

PCB layout and circuit assembly draft document [.svg]

Electronic Circuit Schematics

Available as Eagle Light .sch file.

Available as .png image.

Further resources

Basic Electronic Schematics, parts and assembly instructions [Tetsuo Kogawa's site]

General support for the electronics is on Kogawa’s site here. Tetsuo Kogawa’s site contains all the information needed to source components and assemble the electronics using his particular copperplate method.

Previous Releases

Previous releases are archived here.


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