I have been making up wallets on and off for while now ever since Nina at the Electron Club showed me how to do them using acetate PCBs from old keyboards and gaffa tape. The gaffa didn’t last very long so I quickly progressed to insulation tape and machine stitching. In this latest version I’ve refined the stitching a bit to be more robust and got hold of a massive acetate map from the recycling centre in Dundee, so the next 10 or so units are going to be significantly more mappy rather than keyboardy..






Nina developed hers from the numerous wallet designs on instructables, so I guess this wallet layout can broadly be traced back there. But wallets are one of those curious items lodged in the ‘maker’ realm, along with things like laptop cases, throwies and flash drive hacks, that undergo constant remixing so the attribution part of licensing becomes a bit of a (total) nightmare.

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